Medical Device Manufacturing

Lifesaving Medical Devices

At Suntech Medical Device Center, we know that when it comes to manufacturing lifesaving medical devices, there is no compromise in quality. That is why our facilities house the latest and most reliable equipment for medical device manufacturing. Suntech employs state of the art laser machines with high beam quality and extremely high dynamic accuracy to ensure precision cutting, drilling and welding of all metal alloys.

Our Manufacturing Capabilities

Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffold: BRS and Bare Metal Stents

Cardiovascular Stent Manufacturing

We manufacture state of the art cardiovascular stents.
Since 2012, Suntech has been a pioneer in stent manufacturing using innovative laser technology. With the help of our proprietary production processes, strict quality control and global industry expertise, our team can realize even the most challenging projects for our global clients. Make Suntech the preferred partner for all your stent manufacturing needs.

Bioresorbable Polymer Stents:
Our capabilities include laser machines specially dedicated to polymer cutting (highest cutting quality with lowest heat impact to the material). The right choice of beam sources and cutting processes ensures almost no laser beam impact on the material properties of the polymers. We can manufacture high quality bioresorbable sents to their perfection.

Bare Metal Stents:
Based on the design ideas of our customers, our team can produce high quality stents. Components are produced from tubing or sheet metals in compliance with the provided drawings and specifications. Our well-developed quality control procedures ensure high quality life saving products.

PTCA Catheter

Catheter Manufacturing

Suntech’s complete range of catheter manufacturing capabilities and the ability to create custom equipment allows us to produce complex, intricate devices to your specifications.

Percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PCTA) balloon catheter:
Balloon catheter with a rapid exchange type that can exchange guide wires quickly. Optimized balance of push, track & cross.

Optical coherence tomography (OCT) imaging catheter:
OCT is the 3D imaging technique using interference phenomenon of light. Insert a catheter made of fiber to image inside the vessel wall.